April 17, 2010

Few Quick Tips and Tricks For Your iPad

Apple’s iPad is a comfortable and flexible device that fits perfectly into your life. Here goes a list of some tips and tricks to make your iPad more versatile and easy to use.

If you have not bought it yet, wait for the 3G model – The old one only supports Wi-Fi connectivity. The new 3G is much more cost effective in every way. So have patience and wait for the launch of the 3G iPad this month end.

Keep your iPad away from direct light – This will ensure a better quality display. The screen is highly reflective in nature and the glare makes it hard to see in bright light.

Do not worry about its battery life – Apple claims that the battery life of iPad is ten hours but it has been reported as twelve hours by regular users.

Get the Apple Wireless Keyboard – The onscreen keyboard of iPad is decent for short bits of typing, but if you really want to enter a lot of text, get a Wireless Keyboard.

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