May 19, 2010

Facts about EkML (Ektron Markup Language)

Ektron Markup Language (EkML) is a simple markup language that simplifies the task of managing the output presentation of server controls for web developers. It has close resemblance with HTML in terms of syntax.  EkML can be a good alternative to writing an XSLT. Here is a Code example where a ListSummary server control is used.  To use EkML, you need to pass the file that contains the markup code to the server control.  Note the new parameter MarkupLanguage:

EkML supports AJAX functions.

  • $ShowBubble: Ajax function that populates a popup bubble with information contained in <ekbubbleinfo> tags
  • $ShowContent(‘ContentBlock1’):  Ajax function that populates a div or span tag with info  contained in <ekcontentinfo>tags.

EkML is very simple to learn and encourages rapid development. Controls that support Ekml are Collection, ListSummary, MetaDataList, Directory, WebSearch and Map.

Click here for a detailed read.

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