Everything Your HRD Needs to Know About Video Interview Bots

June 15, 2018

Everything Your HRD Needs to Know About Video Interview Bots

Video Interview Bot

Recruiting the perfect candidates, especially when recruiting at scale, can be quite hit or miss. Hundreds or even thousands of applicants can apply, and manually scanning each of their profile with attention is difficult, bordering on impossible.

The past few years have seen the transformation of the recruitment process where candidates are getting hired by video recruitment platforms. 75% of recruiters have already started using software solutions to aid in the hiring process, and 94% of these recruiters say it has improved their recruitment process.

AI-powered interviews are the logical next step in recruitment technologies. But what is it that makes such AI-powered video interview bots so appealing? We have some answers.

An AI-powered video interview bot saves time

In 2018, talent acquisition leaders report that their hiring volume will amplify but their recruiting teams will remain the same or even reduce in size. This means HR’s are expected to be more efficient by “doing more with less.”

Manually screening candidate profiles is still one of the most sluggish areas of recruiting. A video hiring software successfully automates time-consuming and repetitive tasks like screening resumes and scheduling interviews with candidates.

As candidates can access the interface both from their smartphone or laptop, they join interviews at their convenience. There are bots that allow multiple interviews to take place at the same time. It lets you take care of complicated issues that require human involvement while the initial screening of the candidates initial screening.

Save more money with video interview bots

A mass scale interview process includes some basic costs related to providing stationery items, refreshments, etc.

An AI-powered video interview bot can cut down on those expenses. As the bot allows candidates to attend the initial round of interview from any preferred place, the requirement for necessary stationary and refreshments doesn’t rise. Thus the host company can save on its budget.

Eliminate unintentional bias

There are instances where the judgment of a candidate is affected by unintentional bias. This can make a human being overlook a candidate’s performance, but not when an  AI-powered interview bot is conducting the interview.

An AI-powered video interview bot helps in reducing unconscious bias by ignoring information such as a candidate’s age, gender, and race. Thus any human bias, which may already be in your recruiting process – even if it’s unconscious – can be discarded.

The bots can conduct video interview for hundreds of candidate and for each of the interview sessions, the standard of judgment will be constant. The video interview platforms have programmed interviewee sentiment analyzer which allow it to assess the body language of a candidate.

Video interview bots shares interview reports in no time

Sharing of interview reports with upper management can now be done much faster than those who follow manual recruiting procedure. The AI-powered recruitment platforms save the video interview session of each screened candidates. It also goes a step further and creates a leaderboard which contains the performance report and rankings of the candidates. From the leaderboard, recruiters can spot the deserving candidates who can make it to the next round of interview.

The recorded video interview session and the leaderboard can be shared with higher management and if required (with stakeholders) with the click of a button.

With so much at hand, it’s indeed a golden opportunity for recruiters to make their job easy by saving time and money. 2018 marks the forthcoming of improved AI-powered recruitment platforms and your HR department can enjoy a competitive edge in recruiting.

Gecko is a leading AI-powered video interview bot that is now over 90% accurate in sentiment analysis. It automates the recruiting process so that your HR team can attract, capture and nurture the best candidates.

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