May 13, 2010

Ektron: The Developer Advantage

Ektron supports the use of widget technology in a unique way. It makes software programming much simpler with the implementation of a modular approach. Ektron developers have the benefit of working with widgets without having to wait for a new upgrade release since Ektron widgets are code components with constant functionalities. Many concerns prefer developing their own widgets to work on the Ektron platform. For instance, you may develop a widget where the user can enter a stock symbol and display charts and other investment information on other widgets.

Ektron offers complete multi-site support and seamless synchronization technology. Enterprises can create individual multi-site environments managed via a single centralized administrative interface. You can manage deployment of changes very easily.

Ektron revolutionizes the way enterprises use the web to foster business processes. It optimally combines web content management (WCM), marketing optimization and social software, thus providing companies a single platform to enhance operational efficiency. Ektron encourages revenue growth and establishes customer loyalty. The eCommerce and social software integrations of Ektron are unique in the WCM industry. Usually WCM software vendors do not permit companies to sell online directly while controlling social networking to build business relationships. Ektron helps marketers to design, classify and optimize web content that engages, converts and retains customers. Currently Ektron has more than 8,000 customers globally including NASDAQ, Kodak, University of Notre Dame, AMC Theaters and Texas Children’s Hospital.

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