Ektron 8.7 Brings Support For Cloud Computing, SharePoint And An Improved Editor To Make Your Life Easier

May 03, 2013

Ektron 8.7 Brings Support For Cloud Computing, SharePoint And An Improved Editor To Make Your Life Easier

Ektron, one of the most popular content management systems in the world, has just announced its latest update, the Ektron 8.7. Aside from the usual code refinements and an improved user interface, this new version will offer seamless support for responsive web design, as well as Cloud Manager support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 platforms. SharePoint support has also been implemented, ensuring companies already using the Microsoft content sharing platform won’t be left out.

These changes were almost exclusively based on feedback from organizations that are either already using Ektron or considering it. As Jonathan Wall, the Product Marketer for Ektron puts it, almost every organization he has talked to recently is “working on improving their mobile experience in some way, and most are exploring or already using the cloud.”

However, the most talked about feature is undoubtedly the support for responsive design of websites. Most organizations are trying to ensure they have mobile-friendly websites these days, but having to build different websites for desktop and mobile web is taking a toll on their promotional budgets. Responsive designing ensures that the same website can be accessed via desktop computers and mobile devices, automatically adjusting its structure to suit the device. With Ektron 8.7, web developers will be able to develop and preview web pages on their mobile devices. Also, Ektron has included native framework support for Twitter Bootstrap and other similar tools, which is a blessing for web developers.

Ektron did not skimp on tools for enhanced hardware and IT support, either. With complete support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2, Ektron 8.7 shall ensure flawless data management over a cloud computing environment, through the CMS itself. Inbuilt support for Microsoft SharePoint in the form of a SharePoint Connector lets users include SharePoint metadata in their websites. Also, bi-directional synchronization ensures that deletion of any content in SharePoint is reflected in the website as well.

Upgrades of Ektron CMS almost always feature improved editing tools, and version 8.7 is no exception to this rule. The editing tool in Ektron 8.7 will have better image management capabilities, allow users to create HTML bookmarks within the content and embed external content, as well as benefit from improved website accessibility, all with Section 508 validation and compliance.

With complete support for top-tier cloud computing platforms and Microsoft SharePoint, as well as an improved content editor, Ektron 8.7 is a welcome upgrade for web developers and IT professionals alike. If you are using Ektron already, or are planning to use it to manage your website, make sure you don’t miss out on this upgrade.

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