June 05, 2010

Drupal Releases Drupal 6.17

Drupal has announced the release of Drupal 6.17, a maintenance edition of Drupal 6, which promises to fix the issues reported through the bug tracking system. Drupal 6.17 is available for download now and an upgrade is recommended for existing Drupal 6 sites.

Changes in this release include enhancement of session cookie handling, better processing of big XML-RPC payloads, improved PostgreSQL compatibility, better PHP 5.3 and PHP 4 compatibility, improved Japanese support in search module, better browser compatibility of CSS and JS aggregation and improved logging for login failures. An incompatibility issue of Drupal 6.16’s lock subsystem with some contributed modules was also resolved. Overall, there were approximately 55 issues resolved to improve Drupal 6.

Click here for details.

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