Drupal Development Services – The Advantages (Part – 2)

April 14, 2011

Drupal Development Services - The Advantages (Part - 2)

As we had promised a couple weeks back, we hereby present to you the second set of advantages of Drupal development services. Considering the excellent combination of robustness, secure nature and scalability across a wide variety of hardware setups, it is hardly a surprise that Drupal is among the most loved content management systems across the globe. However, the advantages do not end there – in fact, this is just where the list begins. Here are some more characteristics, which can easily earn this CMS plenty of brownie points:

  1. Scalability: Drupal can handle websites of almost any size, from 5-page microsites to massive 1,000+ page wikis or shopping portals. This is mainly due to the strong PHP-based core of Drupal, along with built-in optimization for JavaScript, inbuilt caching system for loading webpages faster, and extensive support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  2. Search-engine friendliness: Websites built and hosted on the Drupal CMS are search engine friendly to a great extent, due to some wonderful features of the platform. These include URL rewriting (which allows the inclusion of essential keywords in the URL itself), option for editing of HTML code, the metadata, and the CSS of any page in the website. What’s more – the changes made in the back end are instantly reflected on the online website.
  3. Easy to work with: Drupal CMS is entirely coded using PHP, so coders find it pretty easy to work with the platform. PHP itself is much easier to learn than many other popular programming languages. The creation of PHP data objects is also pretty easy a task for almost any developer, which in turn ensures that fewer mistakes are made during coding.

All in all, Drupal is a one-of-a-kind CMS that can be used to power websites of almost any size, while ensuring optimum utilization of available resources. For this reason alone, Drupal development services are now highly popular among webmasters, who need their websites built and maintained to ensure best performance under any kind of formidable situations!

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