Don’t know how to follow up better? Let AI help!

June 29, 2018

Don't know how to follow up better? Let AI help!

Hello there…we have some good news for you if you are struggling with lead follow up. AI powered lead follow up platforms have come up which will take over this responsibility on your behalf. Still in a doubt how banking on one of them will serve your purpose? See by yourself how AI helps in lead follow up.

AI ensures immediate follow up

Is your sales team proactive enough to follow up on leads as soon as the event is over? If the answer is no, then you have to make some change in tactics for following up on leads.

How about allowing AI to play a part in your lead follow up process. An AI-powered lead follow-up system doesn’t delay in following up. It is programmed to start the follow-up process when the leads are hot.

AI enforces persistent follow-up

Do you think that just following up once on your leads is enough? No, it will not. A single follow up doesn’t result in lead conversion. More than 50% leads only revert after the 4th follow up. Do you have that time or manpower to engage? If not, take help from AI lead follow up solutions.

An AI-powered lead follow up platform follows up persistently. It follows up again and again at timely intervals. Though the persistent follow up is automated, leads will think that it’s a human who is trying to reach them.

This is because the AI-Powered platform doesn’t shoots follow up mail which is bang on target. It involves a human touch. The mails which leads get asks about their local weather, his/her reaction on the result of the local soccer match, etc. These small talks included in the mail body evokes a feeling that it’s a human who have sent the mail.

AI injects versatility in your follow-up process

Do you have just one automated structure to convert your leads? You may be ok with it but it will not get you to your desired result. A rigid follow up structure doesn’t exhibit versatility. The versatility in follow up is required because different prospects have different demand.

Lead (A) might be interested in a demo. On the other hand, lead (B) might be interested in a telephonic conversation with the sales person later that week. Every lead like this will have different expectations from the provider.

It can also be so that all the leads are not from the same industry. Some may be from the automobile manufacturing industry, whereas the other might be a financial service provider.

This is where an AI-powered lead follow up platform comes to play. It follows up according to the status and nature of the lead. The industry from which the lead comes is also considered while following up.

Thinking about getting one of these AI-powered platforms to assist your lead follow up process? Stop scratching your head. Try out Zoe. Book a demo now to know how this lead capture and conversion robot can help you.

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