April 19, 2010

Does Your Content Management System Suit Your Need?

Web Content Management (WCM) platforms are all about deploying content of different origins like video, audio, text or images on time and in response to the needs of your organization along with consistent messaging. In this evolving digital age, your WCM platform should be able to give you advanced services. Here are some of the important functionalities it should support:

Your WCM should be able to push your message out to the social digital channel.

If a press release is approved for the site, it should also be announced to the rest of the social audience to that they can start interacting with it.

A WCM solution should be set up when content is published, so that it sends a tweet out with the headline of the press release and an abbreviated link.

A WCM platform should manage more than just the content you put on your site. It must manage user-generated content as well, empowering the audience that does come to your site with a consumer-centric experience.

Forums and threaded discussions allow more in-depth participation both by your audience and your own employees, promoting a more immersive and personal relationship between the company and the consumer.

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