Does Your BRAND Have an Instagram Plan?

January 30, 2015

Does Your BRAND Have an Instagram Plan?

Instagram Marketing

Instagram has gone from being an iOS-only app to the 3rd fastest growing social media platform with its Android and web presence. There are around 300 million monthly active Instagrammers worldwide. Moreover, as per reports, around 86% of the world’s top 100 brands have an Instagram account today. Let’s see how you can leverage this platform for your own business promotions:

Use hashtags in every post

Add hashtags to any photo or video you upload on Instagram. Search for popular Instagram hashtags and make a list of the ones that are most relevant to your business. Ask visitors to hashtag the images and videos in the comments as well. This will make your content easy to discover for your target audience. Also, be sure to use an analytics tool like Iconosquare to keep track of how well your hashtags are performing, from time to time.

Promote product launches

Launching a new product or service? Be sure to promote it on Instagram. Enhance the photos with filters, add hashtags and even tag major brand influencers. Ask your social media team to keep track of influencers and brand advocates on a regular basis. That data can come in handy during these high profile events.

Post videos for specific purposes

Showcasing the CEO’s birthday party celebrations on your company Instagram account is certainly not a bad idea. You may even get a decent number of likes and comments on such posts, if your brand is popular. However, if you really want to boost engagement to a great extent, give your followers content that they find to be helpful. Make a small video on the proper way of using a product you have launched recently.

Make people laugh

Humour never fails to engage people, if you do it right. No, we are not suggesting you upload videos of cats playing with boxes or strings, unless you are in the cat food business. Think outside the box. Can any of your products be used in an amusing manner? Ketchup, for instance, can be a part of a kid’s Halloween makeup, which he licks off at the end of a round of trick-or-treat. Make people smile, and they will stick with your brand.

So, have you chalked out your plan of using Instagram for brand building, yet?

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