May 14, 2010

Does Everyone Have A Smartphone?

A recent report was revealed by comScore analyzing the U.S. mobile market share for the first quarter of the current year. The report spotlights on the leading mobile OEMs (original equipment manufacturers, or phone makers) and operators along with a usage graph of mobile owners in the U.S.

The study revealed some predictable data such as the largest mobile operator in the U.S. is Verizon which has captured around 31.1% market share. But the noteworthy discovery of the report is the fact that not many people are using Smartphones.

The chart below highlights the top mobile OEMs.

It is evident that Samsung, Motorola and LG are all in the same platform in terms of market share. Surprisingly Apple and HTC are not even in the top five.The report suggested that Americans like to send text messages, surf the web and use mobile applications. In recent times, the usage pattern has seen a considerable change with browser and downloaded app engaging the maximum number of users along with social networking trends.

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