September 13, 2010

Documenting Drupal: Help out The Community

Ever had one of those moments in Drupal where you don’t know what to do so you want to look it up online – and realize that no one else does either?  At least, no one has posted a solution or how-to on what it is exactly that you need to do? Well, since Drupal is always changing, this happens more frequently, and with more people than you would imagine.

So you can either soldier on, find a way out of your problem and then forget about it, OR you could soldier on, find a way out of your problem and then help out the community by creating and posting a how-to yourself. In other words, you could be a Loner who does nothing except solve his own problems and move on, a Hater who goes online to whine about the lack of good documentation, or you could be a DOER who helps out himself and the community.

Click here to find out exactly how you can earn the respect of your community by becoming a doer. Go ahead and make someone else’s life a little simpler.

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