Digital Transformation Versus Change & Kylie Jenner

July 17, 2018

Digital Transformation Versus Change & Kylie Jenner

I hope you will not judge me if I told you I started following Kylie Jenner on Instagram. I appreciate the innovation around the lipstick and liner and enjoy the pics. However, that’s not what got me interested. A recent Forbes article put an estimate to Kylie’s net worth at $900 million. And she is 20 years old.

How she got there is even more remarkable. A play of awareness, social media and e-commerce. Awareness that something is wrong with the way lipsticks are sold. The other two are self-explanatory. She has moved faster than the heavyweights like L’oreal and others ever did. You must read this Forbes article.

Coming to the most favourite topic of nearly all IT Consulting companies – ‘Digital Transformation’. I often wonder what does a non-digital transformation look like. Perhaps losing weight is one? Even there, Fitbit, Garmin, smart weighing scale surely help.

What is transformation though? As per Sadhguru, transformation means “Nothing of the old remains” Quite different to Change.

Clear examples of massive digital transformation are companies like Uber, Amazon, Airbnb and even Kodak – of course for not being one. The phrase “Kodak Moment” is used today as the moment where you decide whether you want to kill the past or not.

This clearly resonates. The software and skills in a digital transformation project are same or similar to an IT project. The intent is very different. Not a better mousetrap. But perhaps a new house!

I have experienced this transformation in small measures. Zoe Email – our 2018 launch – is showing us digital transformation in the email marketing and lead engagement industry. It gives me no end to the joy when every morning I see customers saying WOW! It’s like things changed overnight.

Perhaps another word for Digital Transformation and Kylie Jenner’s success is ‘OMG’. No kidding that our new R&D Headquarters has the header sign of this article on one of the meeting rooms.

Author: Sid Jhunjhunwala, CEO – Web Spiders

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