Digital Marketing Tool Review – Campaign Monitor

May 19, 2015

Digital Marketing Tool Review - Campaign Monitor


Campaign Monitor Tool Review

Email marketing is and has been a cornerstone of digital marketing.  This, despite the growing prominence of social media and search marketing. Campaign Monitor here is a good way to get your email marketing strategy in shape. We recently took this tool out for a spin. Here’s what we found out.


Your target audience may delete your email immediately if it is badly formatted. A KISSmetrics report reveals 89% of consumers delete a poorly displayed email when viewed on mobile.

Campaign Monitor’s email builder helps you design responsive emails that look beautiful, no matter which mobile device the recipients use to see the mails.

Make your emails more personal

Shooting the same email to each one of your target audience might make you miss out on the pain points of many. Stats reveal personalised emails increase click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

This tool builds on your knowledge of different prospects/customers and lets you customise your content for them.

Organise and grow your subscriber list

Managing an exhaustive subscriber list can eat into your time. You need to keep a track of all new subscribers as well as your interaction with them.

Campaign Monitor features like subscriber notifications and subscriber snapshot let you do all these, without breaking a sweat.

Track performance

Email marketing is difficult to get right. It is even more difficult to measure its impact. You might know who opened your email and how many clicked through but tracking the number of leads and converts your campaign generates, can be a tricky business.

You can integrate Campaign Monitor with Google Analytics to measure how many visitors are landing on your site and how many out of this lot are becoming leads and converts.

Over 120k organisations across the globe love Campaign Monitor. And that includes us too! We are partners with Campaign Monitor and provide 360 degree email marketing solutions to our global clients. To know more, just drop us a line and we will get back to you in no time.

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