Digital Marketing in 2019- A Coming-of-Age Story Part-2

March 11, 2019

Digital Marketing in 2019- A Coming-of-Age Story Part-2

Digital Marketing Concept

Deadpool had a sequel…Wonder Woman will have one soon…
Avengers: Endgame is almost on us. Why? Because the best stuff always gets a SEQUEL… !!!!!

Then why can’t we have a sequel to digital marketing trends in 2019?

Last November, we spoke about chatbots, personalization, thumb stoppers and website speeds in our blog titled Digital Marketing in 2019: A Coming-of-Age Story Part -1.

But we never claimed that it’s all we have to say on this topic.

As we come close to completing the first quarter of 2019, we find new digital marketing trends have come up. Here are 5 of them which we think will justify this sequel.

Programmatic Advertising


Well, don’t worry if this sounds too unfamiliar to you. We will clarify this. Happy? Now let’s get rolling.

Imagine a situation when you take a back seat and allow AI( Artificial Intelligence) to buy digital adds for you. Sounds interesting right? Must be…

This is the basic idea of programmatic advertising. The best part is that if you pick up this practice of digital marketing, you can target specific audience groups easily.

Oh Sorry!!! I just missed out on the best part about implementing programmatic advertising. This automated format of advertising will also help in resulting higher conversion rate and lower lead acquisition costs.

Leading digital marketing agencies have started to use programmatic advertising for better results. It is forecasted by leading digital marketers, that by the year 2020, 80% – 90% of digital display ads in the United States will be automated.

2. Artificial Intelligence


You knew this was somewhere in the chart right? Bang on!!! A write-up on digital marketing trends in 2019 cannot go without AI. Before amplifying this trend, let’s make this absolutely clear that AI is not here to eat up jobs but to make our jobs easier.

AI is almost everywhere nowadays. The Facebook messenger which you use to connect with your close ones can also help you to optimize and automate customer service.

Gartner predicts that by the year 2025, 20% – 25% of global customer service will be using AI-powered chatbot technology. AI will help agencies and enterprises to cut down expenses, accelerate business growth and ultimately get an edge over competitors.

3. Video Marketing

Video Marketing

This sounds kinda new right??… Well, let’s start with some facts and figures

72% of all global enterprises state that video marketing did boost their rate of conversion.
65% of all business executives visit the marketer’s website after checking out a video.
39% of them do call up a vendor after checking out a video.
52% of consumers feel more confident about a product or a service after checking out their videos.

So what do you conclude from these numbers? Don’t you feel that videos are really cool stuff to engage with viewers in a better way and gain their confidence? You surely do.

The matter of fact is that when we talk about video marketing, we are not only referring to Youtube videos out here. Any video marketed/ promoted today on any social media channel (LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo, etc) fetches significant amount of views.

Digital marketers have studied the impact of videos and are now considering it as a prime tool for digital marketing. The forthcoming of 360 degree videos have just added an icing on the cake. The impact of video marketing on global viewers makes us put it on number 3 of our chart.

Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation

Now before you come up saying “Why on earth is email marketing automation on this list?” let us quickly take you through certain factors which made us think that this trend should be in this sequel.

Event Marketing Automation follows up with all lead sources.
Event Marketing Automation offers multiple follow ups with politeness and persistence.
Event Marketing Automation removes grunt work.
Event Marketing Automation assures of enterprise grade security.

The factors which you just came across is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more of these factors which reputed digital marketers have studied. They had no other option but to consider email marketing automation as a prime digital marketing tool not only for 2019 but also for the years to come.

You still find it hard to believe???…. The following facts and figures might help…

82% of all B2C and B2B enterprises uses email marketing automation in 2019.
56% of all enterprises nowadays falls back on email marketing automation tool providers.
75% of them are most likely to buy email marketing automation softwares within the next 12 months.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

This digital marketing trend should have topped the list…but we kept it for the end just to spice up this sequel write-up.

Content marketing was never dead…it Never will be…

You might not know that content marketing did actually find its place in the top 3 digital marketing trends for several years in a row.

Content is everything for a digital marketer. It is the powerhouse of any form of digital marketing.

In 2019, we have seen that digital marketers and leading digital marketing agencies have reconsidered the importance of original and quality content. Enterprises and corporates are looking forward to win over new clients and leads by presenting fresh and informative content.

It is understood by several marketers that no matter what digital platform one uses for marketing, the bet can’t be won if the content isn’t rich, informative, engaging and original.

Closing up on this, we would love to share few facts and figures with you so that you get why content marketings holds an unquestionable spot in this sequel blog on digital marketing trends.

91% of all B2B digital marketers do use content marketing.
86% of all B2C digital marketers think that content marketing is a prime marketing strategy.
60% of B2C digital marketers are actually committed to content marketing.
72% of digital marketers claims that content marketing boosts engagement.

That’s all folks…Feel free to let us know your thoughts about these digital trends.

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