April 16, 2010

Cross Training: A Boon for the Corporate Culture

A company witnesses a number of critical issues during its start-up days, including a crunch of skill-set specific people. Later with the growth of the company, employees tend to specialize. Yet, CEOs suggest that it is good to have employees with a diverse skill set as this practice caters to flexibility. Hence some organizations train their staff in a variety of technologies and platforms thus fostering a cross training approach globally. Here is a rundown of few of the many benefits:

Every employee can help a customer: Instead of transferring a client issue across various departments and individuals, each employee will now be trained enough to help a customer comprehensively.

Every employee will know how to sell: It is necessary for each employee to imbibe smart selling skills. Proper training can nurture his persuasive sales skill.

No employee is indispensable: Cross trained employees can fill up any position in the organization. Hence no employee will be indispensable in his skill set as a number of others will be well trained to act as a substitute.

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