April 12, 2010

Create Multilingual Sites With Ektron Platform

Ektron Inc. is a web content management platform and provides solutions to manage multilingual web content. It uses XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) format to translate content in an efficient manner. XLIFF is used to exchange data and enables translators to translate the text, without worrying about the layout, or the links of the text.

By using Ektron, website visitors can select the language of their choice and can view the website’s refreshed content, with all the links and titles in their chosen language. Ektron is a unique company that allows for improvement on operational efficiency, and helps developers benefit from its Microsoft .NET framework. Lloyd International Translations (LIT) is one of the many companies that uses Ektron- enabled websites. It provides site visitors with options to view the website in French, German or U.K English. The links and the text will be refreshed and can be viewed in the selected language.

PlayStation Canada is another such company that uses the Ektron platform. Ektron helps the client to change content in real-time, without affecting the website’s graphics. Ektron also powers PlayStation Canada’s multilingual feature, and allows visitors to change the text and graphics from English to French with just a single click.

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