April 09, 2010

Create an Ingenious Workforce out of Your Employees

Want to create innovators out of your existing employees? Here are some great tips:

All-round participation is necessary – Contributions from each employee is important because it takes all to make a great team.

Off-season activities do wonders – Engage your employees in contests and brainstorming activities during slow times of the year.

Modular teams show better productivity – Make smaller compact teams and assign them tasks. You will observe an efficient and organized work process.

Too many rules spoil the broth – Some guidelines are necessary to enforce company policies, but strict rules often curb creativity.

Individual feedback fosters efficiency – Periodic feedback sessions help your employees to get a better understanding of their abilities. You must emphasize on his positive traits and at the same time chalk out the level of proficiency expected out of each employee.

To reward is to inspire – You should reward the deserving candidates for their contribution to your organization. This fosters individual growth and nurtures a quality work environment.

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