May 19, 2010

Cool Themes for Drupal Developers

Drupal has gained immense popularity in the past years. Despite its fair reputation of being not-so-simple, it has captured a growing population of developers and users worldwide. Here is a rundown of 5 great themes for Drupal developers:

Free Corporate and Business Themes

Summertime – new theme for Drupal 6: You can download it from It is a neat and modern theme with fine tuned CSS. It serves great for blogs, communities and online media. This theme was designed & developed exclusively for Drupal by team.
Orange: It is a CSS based theme that has only one sidebar. However, it has a few other regions for different content.
Acquia Prosper: It is an advanced Drupal theme by TopNotchThemes, with a monochromatic look and neat lines. It is designed as an Ubercart e-commerce theme that is easy to customize, but is extremely flexible for any type of site.

Free Magazine and Newspaper Style Themes

Blog Grail: It is based on Holy Grail and controlled by Grid and developed as a subtheme of Zen. Other Holy Grail themes are Dark Grail and Plain Grail.
Conch: It uses the old wine label color as the background and dark brown content blocks above. This theme reminds you of a vintage time with simple decorations, simple text to drive attention to pictures.

Click here for more such themes.

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