May 04, 2010

Cloud Influences Global Business Arena

Cloud computing has substantial influence on the evolution of various content management systems and the gradual transformation of data into service. Enterprise services witness an exponential growth with cloud computing as people emphasize more on sharing and organizing data.

In the global corporate scene, cloud computing dominates a number of markets. In the mapping world, it is generating various forms of new content management systems that utilize data for niche purposes.

There are various services like WeoGeo that provide innovative form of geo-spatial, content management systems and marketplaces with wide data repositories like a giant map folder in the sky. It is similar to a content management system in some ways though it has basic differences with the same. WeoGeo offers a marketplace and a map library programmed specifically for engineers, geologists, architects and cartographers. All data services are accessible via RESTful web services. With the advent of RESTful, companies can formulate a new order of content management systems that correspond to specific communities. The evolution mantra lies in the filtering of known services from a wider specification into a niche area.

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