Cloud Computing and Us

December 06, 2018

Cloud Computing and Us

Cloud Computing and US

Do you think that the advent of Artificial Intelligence or advancements in process automation will gradually reduce reliance on human expertise? Ask experts of cloud computing and businesses that rely on cloud services. They will certainly disagree.

By 2021, the cloud services industry is expected to double to $116 billion. Given multiple benefits of cloud computing, it is no wonder that more and more businesses are willing to migrate to the cloud environment. However, lack of cloud experts to meet the demand can snowball into a crisis.

Read the following points and know how Web Spiders Group can offer solutions.

Key Features of Our Cloud Migration Services

1: When we tell our clients about the need for cloud migration, we receive mixed reactions (as is expected when anything new arrives in markets). We don’t deny the contributions of Legacy Systems and COTS as we also have a fully-developed infrastructure and teams of software engineers who work on them. However, cloud-based digital transformation is the need of the hour.

2: Cloud experts at Web Spiders Group simplify cloud migration processes, enabling businesses to reap the benefits ASAP. Our ultimate success depends on how we leverage the benefits of cloud computing to maximize the benefits of our clients.

Key Features of Our Cloud Integration Services

1: With Web Spiders Group, businesses do not have to run cloud integration processes from very basic steps. We use prebuilt cloud integration platforms. These platforms include the complete set-up needed for transferring information from one application platform to another. The time taken for information transfer is also very less.

2: The transition from on-premise software and hardware applications to a hybrid environment that is comprised of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise apps gives rise to multiple challenges.

For example, once Line of Businesses (LOB) like sales, marketing or customer support start using SaaS, integration with on-premise devices become a complicated task. Integration processes are prone to errors, involve lots of money and are also time-consuming.

Our cloud experts offer guidance, raise application awareness and introduce pre-integration platforms to solve above-mentioned issues.

Key Features of Our Cloud Maintenance Services

1: Web Spiders Group offers business-critical troubleshooting services on its own. We also provide Maintenance-as-a-service (MaaS) from third-party service providers like Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure. Our proficient cloud engineers can help you make the best of maintenance operations in the cloud.

2: Businesses can also avail management of supply chain materials and costing services from our third-party cloud service providers. It helps businesses to optimize maintenance processes and maximize user productivity.

Full-Time Employees

Our full-time employees offer services for application migration, management of public/private/hybrid cloud networks, requirement analysis and design, development and deployment to any public/private cloud network.

Complete Infrastructure

Businesses can contact us for cloud migration, integration, and maintenance services. We also utilize the infrastructural set-up for cloud services provided by third-parties.

Businesses need to search the right places to avail the most beneficial cloud services. Visit our website to know more.

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