April 12, 2010

Clash of the Titans in Mobile Space: Apple Vs. Google to Win Mobile Advertising Market

This summer Apple prepares itself to conquer the budding mobile advertising market by overpowering rival Google with its new iAd advertising platform, a rich application tool. Apple announced this move just after the acquisition of wireless network provider, Quattro (for $300 m). This is a strategic move by Apple to take the major pie of the booming mobile advertising market (estimated to be $700 m by 2013).

Steve Jobs is on the way to personalize mobile advertising as per individual needs and interests, just like Google has revolutionized application of user data in its search engine and Gmail (to optimize advertising revenue). The announcement timing is strategic keeping in mind rival Google’s acquisition of Admob (leading mobile advertising firm) and its legal trouble with Federal Trade Commission (to review the deal). Content management, innovation and technology will decide the winner among Apple and Google in the coming years.

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