Chatbots are Hot, but Omnibots are Straight Fire.

November 06, 2018

Chatbots are Hot, but Omnibots are Straight Fire.


What happens when you take the conventional chatbot platform and put it on a time warp to the future?

You get the next step in the evolution of the chatbot. You get the Omnibot.

Omnibots in A Nutshell

Full potential of omnibots is yet to be explored and developed. Developers have a bigger vision towards omnibots.

The Key Features

1: Omnibots can become the voice, the face and embodiment of a brand.

2: Consumers can type texts, make calls and even converse via the omnibots.

3: Omnibots can be integrated with WhatsApp, voice projects and text UIs of websites.

4: Chatbots integrated with AI-enabled virtual assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri can act as omnibots.

Tech companies are integrating chatbots with AI-enabled virtual assistants and creating their own versions of omnibots.

ZOE-Powered WS Voice-Bot

ZOE-powered WS chatbot has been used for lead capture, lead engagement, setting up audio/video calls or scheduling meetings etc. Recently, WS chatbot has been integrated with Alexa.

ZOE-powered WS voice-bot has potentials to become a powerful omnibot.

The Key Features

1: Consumers can text or voice queries via ZOE-powered WS voice-bot.

2: The bot is capable of making witty responses and giving conversations a human touch. Small talk databases are updated regularly.

3: One can regularly update the database of ZOE-powered WS voice-bot by providing AI training. The point is to enhance the confidence score of feedbacks.

4: Brands can use the bot to reduce workload of its staff. Human representatives can focus on more complex issues.

5: Calls are transferred to human representatives for more personalized feedbacks if the bot is not confident about particular queries.

6: Sales teams can analyze collected data with the help of tools like Google Analytics.

7: The bot enables third-party integration of CRM software like Salesforce, Marketo and HubSpot.

8: Sales teams can also store information in third-party CRM databases to offer customized services to consumers.

9: ZOE-powered WS voice-bot easily integrates with websites, Messenger and Twilio.

10: Sales teams can send personalized follow-up emails to consumers after analyzing data collected via the bot.

11: People can schedule follow-up emails after particular intervals so not to overwhelm recipients with marketing or sales pitches.

12: The bot encrypts data and safely transfers and stores them in databases. It ensures enterprise-grade security to confidential data.

Futuristic Omnibots

Google and Amazon have already unraveled their future plans with Assistant and Alexa respectively. In future, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will replace their respective legacy UIs and make administrative access permissions more user-friendly. Technically advanced voicebots will make omnibots more user-friendly.

Parting Thoughts

With tech giants like Google and Amazon leading the way, smaller tech brands are adopting the concept of omnibots. They are offering services to diverse types of B2C companies. Continuous AI training will make omnibots omnipotent in the real sense.

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