August 07, 2010

Building a Drupal Site in 10 Steps

Content management systems (CMSs) are nothing new on the web. These systems are supposed to help users create, structure, and automate publishing content. Today, every company is looking to save costs and seems to be shifting attention back to the web (and hopefully to customers).

The web is seeing another call to arms on all fronts from basic users to designers and developers. This time people are looking for good, flexible, free content management systems to run their web site.

One of the most popular content management systems available today is Drupal. Programmed in PHP, this powerful software comes from a large open source community who works together on the core. From large social entertainment portals to small local business sites, Drupal is deployed by beginners and professionals for many projects.

Sites built on Drupal are notorious for powering social web features such as the Adobe Flex Showcase site, a noteworthy use of Drupal with Flex. The beauty of Drupal is that it does the heavy lifting for you while it adheres to web standards and easily offers social multimedia publishing.

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