Benefits of Chatbots in the Travel Industry

August 31, 2018

Benefits of Chatbots in the Travel Industry

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Chatbots are playing pivotal roles in the travel industry. Travel agency websites, airline and app cab services are using chatbots to provide a streamlined user experience and deliver customized solutions.

Recently, we received some feedback from one of our clients that served to reinforce this (in addition to making us do the happy dance through our office. Yes, people stared. No, we didn’t care.)

Chan Brothers Travel has been in the travel industry for over 50 years. Since 2010, it has even bagged Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Platinum Award 5 times, as well as winning the award for Best Travel Agency Singapore quite a few times.

In 2016, Chan Brothers Travel deployed their website chatbot (named Chanzilla), developed by Web Spiders. And in a recent interview with TTG Asia, Chan Brothers Managing Director Anthony Chan said, “Since its inception, chat conversions have contributed to between 10 and 15 per cent growth in our market share.”

To say this makes us happy is an understatement. We are grateful to Chan Brothers for giving us this opportunity to prove just how powerful AI can be. Chanzilla can hold up to 65% of entire conversation with customers before it requires any kind of human intervention (if at all needed). The chatbot pursues multiple conversations concurrently and contributes to the productivity of the travel business.

Why does the travel industry need chatbots?

1. Enhanced customer experience

Chatbots can offer solutions to immediate problems. No matter what time it is, customers can approach chatbots. They allow customers to have easier access to information.

2. Fast query resolution

Chatbots offer solutions more quickly than human agents. Unlike human agents, chatbots need not have to consult with others.

3. Better conversion rate

Chatbots can take customers from the awareness stage to the conversion stage within a few minutes. They offer them prompt and exact responses. Travel agencies can also showcase discount offers, coupons as well as simplify the process of payment by incorporating payment gateways to chatbots.

4. Competitive edge

Travel biggies like Expedia,, SkyScanner, British Airways, Hyatt Hotels, Uber etc. use chatbots. With the support of chatbots, brands can gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

5. Cost-effective

Chatbots can replace human customer care services. In addition, the cost of chatbots is also reducing daily.

6. Save resources

Chatbots can reply routine as well as complex queries. Thus, customer service representatives can invest their time in the tasks that need more expertise.

7. Collect data

Chatbots record individual customer interactions. Such records help travel companies to understand the purchasing behaviour of customers. Companies can use these data to offer personalized services.

Parting Thoughts

Multiple brands have used ZOE chatbots and received positive results. Travel agencies can also explore its features/benefits and receive encouraging results like what Chan Brothers Travel has received so far. We thank them for acknowledging it before media. For a thorough understanding on ZOE chatbot, you can get in touch with us and ask for a free demo.

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