Benefits of AI Annotation Services on Digital Marketing Services

April 01, 2019

Benefits of AI Annotation Services on Digital Marketing Services

AI annotation is one of the trendiest terms in AI and machine learning. What’s AI annotation? Well, by AI annotation, we simply mean annotated datasets for training machines so they can make decisions like humans and act accordingly.

Annotated datasets are the keys behind the advancement of machine learning. In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of AI, machine learning, and deep learning in digital marketing. In this blog, we’ll discuss how can AI annotation services boost digital marketing.

Before we enlist the benefits, let’s have a quick look at what is annotation.


If we recall our academic years, we used to highlight particular sentences or add comments and footnotes to texts for further references (some of us may still have this wonderful habit). The practice of labeling texts for future references is known as annotation. Annotated datasets may include texts, images or videos. At present, human annotated datasets are used to train machine learning models for various purposes like, in order to develop AI-powered chatbots, annotated datasets are used to train machine learning models how to converse like humans.

Let’s go to the next para and discuss how humans use annotated datasets to train machine learning models.

Annotated Datasets to Train Machine Learning Models

Machine learning models require huge sets of data for training, validation, and testing. Datasets can include anything like texts, images, videos etc. With the help of datasets, humans train machine learning models to recognize patterns, and give perfect replies/ answers. However, not just any set of data will be helpful. Data should be structured in right formats and should cover all variations of answers/replies which a machine can encounter in the real world. For example, AI-powered chatbots are trained with the help of human annotated datasets that include variations in replies given by humans. The aim of annotated datasets is to enable chatbots to recognize conversations, make right decisions, and respond accordingly. Take a look at how smart chatbots are shaping the world of digital marketing.

Benefits of Smart Chatbots for Digital Marketing

Survey reports say that businesses can use smart chatbots or AI chatbots and save up to 30 percent of their total expenditure on customer services. Smart chatbots have diverse applications in different fields. In the following points, we’re going to enlist the benefits of smart chatbots for digital marketing:

1- Better service experience: As per data published by Econsultancy, 79% of consumers said that they preferred to interact with live chat than human executives. However, many of our clients shared their experiences of live chat where they said that, more often than not, they didn’t receive immediate answers from live chat. They’re requested to drop their email addresses so live chat can get back to them, later on.

Cost-effective AI chatbots are even better than live chat. Intuitive, quick and engaging AI chatbots like ZOE can enhance customer experience. Customers get accurate answers to their queries at real time.

2- Data collection and analysis: AI-powered chatbots are programmed to collect data from conversations, monitor customers’ purchase behaviors and recommend them products/ services. Smart chatbots can help digital marketers with data analysis which they can use to send tailored sales pitches to customers and raise the probability of new purchases.

Smart chatbots can help businesses save money as businesses don’t have to hire human data analysts. Also, automated data analysis is quicker than manual data analysis. Hence, businesses can also save time by using smart chatbots.

3- 24*7 online presence: Round-the-clock online presence is only possible if businesses recruit additional resources. While this might raise the employment graph, businesses will not gain from it. AI-powered chatbots can respond to people’s queries, 24*7. No wonder, smart chatbots raise customer satisfaction which is itself a push for digital marketers.

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