April 17, 2010

Apple Remains the Top Innovative Company in America

As per a recent BusinessWeek and Fortune survey, Apple topped the list of most innovative companies for the sixth consecutive time. According to the leading management consulting firm, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Apple is a winner in every category, even beating Google INC.  The survey concludes that there is no such company which could replace Apple in the coming years.

In the Fortune 500 rankings, Apple moved from the 56th rank to the 15th rank. Industry wise, Apple is just after HP and Dell in overall rankings. Apple is the only company in its category to make significant profit in the 2008-2009 period. It also outperformed every other company in its category in terms of revenue growth. Apple seems to experience tremendous growth though critics said that it is out of new ideas and products. It is been said that Apple is just modifying and improving its own models but for the millions of Apple fans, this hardly matters.

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