April 05, 2010

Apple iPad: First Impression

The much-awaited iPad has finally released at Apple Stores this past weekend. The first thought that users will have is about the lightness of the tablet, despite its size. The high-speed of the iPad is one of its best features. Web pages are opened very fast, and switching from landscape to portrait view takes only one second. This is true, even while opening and using ‘heavy’ apps like ABC Player or Popular Science.

The iPad is most definitely a step forward towards better personal computers. The heady feeling of being able to control the Internet, with a few touches of your fingers, only improves your iPad experience. The iPad certainly does not support multi-tasking, and is not designed for heavy content creating. However, it improves the user experience, when compared to that of the iPhone.

Impression on the iPad’s:

Screen – The screen is definitely bigger, and is more comfortable to use than a notebook or a PC. The angle of viewing is almost close to 180 degrees, with vivid colors. Some apps, like Epicurious cooking app, are making use of the extra sized screen.

Keyboard – Getting used to the keyboard takes a little time. Typing with both hands is easy to do, when you are not holding the iPad. You can use both thumbs to type in portrait mode. However, while in landscape mode, you can only use only one hand, and the iPad soon begins to feel a little heavy.

Apple Apps – Apple’s apps are perfectly designed for the iPad’s bigger screen. Safari works extremely fast in opening websites and other non-mobile optimized websites. However, since the iPad does not support flash, some of the websites do not work properly.

iBooks – Apple’s e-book app, iBooks is prettily animated. Newly downloaded e-books fit nicely into the bookshelf and animated page turning is also available. When you click on a book in your shelf, it flips open, mimicking the feel and look of a book. If you flip to landscape mode, the app imitates a book-like two page picture. At the end of the day, the iPad is not perfect and has plenty of room for improvement.

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