October 26, 2010

Apple Approves New iPhone App by Web Spiders!

Following in the footsteps of their past achievements, Web Spiders now has to their credit yet another premium iPhone app that has recently been made available through Apple’s online app store. This time it’s a feature-packed application on BodyJuggling, a new method of keeping fit that combines Yoga, Tai Chi and acrobatics.

Here’s the description of the application as it appears on the store website:

“BodyJuggling is a revolutionary combination of Yoga, Tai Chi and acrobatics which uses expressive movement on stability balls to build dynamic balance, strength, flexibility, agility, core power, and cardiorespiratory fitness.  This workout will rip your core, tone your butt, sculpt your thighs and burn massive calories while providing the toughest mental challenge you will find in any fitness regimen. The BodyJuggling Basic Training App is a three week introduction to this life changing daily practice. It consists of three complete 30 minute workouts containing over 30 revolutionary neuro-kinesthetic exercises as well as warm up stretches and Tai chi cool down sequences. The exercises are presented in still images with explanations and a video clip demonstrating each movement.  The BodyJugging App also contains a ground breaking balance meter to measure and track your balance in three separate areas.  Daily use of this function alone will increase equilibrium, righting reflexes and proprioceptive awareness.  The BJ App also includes a logging function to track workouts and post to facebook!  Make the commitment to a new life and a new you by learning the revolutionary new fitness technique that is sweeping the planet, for less than the price of a latte!”

If stretching to new limits is what it counts to stay alive in these competitive times, Web Spiders is all set to go miles. Kudos to the entire app development team for a great new app!

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