November 15, 2011

Another Busy Fortnight For Everyone In Web Spiders

The last fortnight has been quite busy for Web Spiders. We revamped the website of Sugar Land Home & Garden Show, making it more dynamic and interactive.

Sugar Land Home & Garden Show happens to be one of the most renowned exhibition-cum-sales of home remodeling and interior décor items. It is undoubtedly one of finest home management and décor show in the whole of United States, but especially in the Sugar Land, Stafford and Richmond areas. We were given the responsibility of redesigning the existing website, adding new features such as a blog and a unique sales and E-newsletter. While our client provided content for the newsletter, existing website data was migrated to the new site.

As we developed the new website on Joomla CMS (Content Management System), our development team ensured no data was lost while migration, and even worked on enhancement of security features for the new website. We redesigned the site to enable future addition of new sections and categories (under the ‘Products’ section), as and when required. We also took care that the new site is clutter-free and easily navigable, as compared to its older counterpart.

Besides redesigning Sugar Land Home & Garden Show’s website, we also revamped the website of the famed Mani Group.

The Mani Group is a real estate giant in eastern India, with a series of hugely successful projects. Being a pioneer in real estate business in Kolkata for over 30 years, the Mani Group has now ventured into several other sectors – power, retail, and hospitality, just to name a few!

We were given the responsibility of redesigning Mani Group’s existing website into a more interactive one with a better user interface. This was an effort of the company to redefine its mission and its passion of offering customer satisfaction in every single of its projects.

When we worked on Mani Group’s website, we took care that no data is lost and additional features are included in the new website. Besides, making the website navigation-friendly, we also added a unique “Highlights” section to help Mani Group update its visitors with news about its latest projects and other undertakings.

With the completion of these two projects, we yet again prove why we are able to command trust in the field of web development and administration.

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