May 15, 2010

Android App Development Gets Easier With Slider Framework for Flex 4

A recent study showed that Android has overtaken Apple to claim the top spot as smartphone providers in the U.S. Interestingly, Adobe is venturing into the mobile market and is focusing on developing apps for Android devices. With the rapid expansion of the mobile market, developers need to focus on developing apps and delivering them for the mobile platform. While they can develop apps using Flash Professional or Flash Builder (Flex) on PC’s and run them with a browser through Flash Player or through the Adobe Air packager, a similar platform is not available for mobile devices. Adobe has come up with solutions to these problems.

The new Slider Framework for Flex 4 will enable easier development of Android apps for the mobile platform. It aims to solve all related problems of mobile development including performance levels, input methods, and the multitude of screen resolutions, interfaces, and operating systems. Delivery will not be much of a problem once Adobe AIR for Android and BlackBerry is released. AIR is being extended to smartphones and will enable the delivery of the same application across many platforms.

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