All about ZOE Outbound Messaging

December 31, 2018

All about ZOE Outbound Messaging


Outbound Messaging

With ZOE Bot’s Outbound Messaging, businesses can scale service delivery at a lower cost.

The success or failure of a business depends on its ability to be heard.

Sometimes, it’s the audience that flocks to the business. Usually, however, it is the business that has to reach out to its audience. This is where outbound messaging plays a crucial role.

One of our most important objectives with ZOE, our conversation AI bot platform, was to empower businesses with the ability to communicate with potential customers 24/7. With ZOE Outbound Messaging, we are taking it a step further.

LiveChat Dashboard

Livechat Dashboard

ZOE Outbound Messaging is the latest update to ZOE and one that comes with a whole host of benefits for businesses that depend on repeated customer interactions. Whether it’s reminding customers to reorder medication, or notifying them of a change in plans, or simply reaching out to say hi on their birthdays, the potential is vast.

Let’s take a closer look at the update.

Top 5 Features of ZOE Outbound Messaging:

1: Schedule messages for outbound messaging on FB, Web and Text channels.

2: ZOE Bot can start the conversation & also further continue the conversation thereon.

3: Jump-in feature allows a Live Agent to join a conversation which the bot couldn’t handle an untrained query.

4: Supports for 3 popular channels – Facebook Messenger, Web and SMS.

Facebook Website Messaging

3 Popular Channels for Outbound Messaging

5: Friction-free notification & follow up a conversation via SMS; no App to download, works in zones with no internet.

Intrigued? Outbound Messaging is the latest in a long line of features of the ZOE chatbot platform. ZOE is incredibly flexible and has already been deployed by companies from different verticals, including

1) A series of attendee focused pop culture conventions
2) One of the largest shopping mall chains in Europe
3) A leading travel agent in Singapore

Click Here to request a short demo with us. We’ll take you through the platform as well as provide consultation on how best ZOE can fit your business requirements. Take a look below to see some of the most common use cases for ZOE Outbound Messaging.

Possibilities with ZOE Bot’s Outbound Messaging Feature:

  • ZOE can be your Health assistant bot and schedule a daily conversation at set times to remind patients to log their diet, exercise, or even to remind them to take their medication.
  • Offer travelers suggestions about cab services, hotel, restaurant and more when it’s most relevant for them by initiating a dialog on FB or text message.
  • We all know how difficult is to retain customers, especially in the service Industry. Remind & re-engage with your customers just before their warranties expire, spark new opportunities, and serve them better.


 Website Notifications

  • Reach out to your RSVP list before the start of an event, conference or social meetup to nudge guests about questions about the venue, how to get there, what’s on the menu and so on.
  • Send a timely notification to your guests informing them of any possible route changes to your venue in cases of emergencies or natural disaster, as well as any last minute changes.
  • In today’s competitive market, regardless of the quality of your product – customer engagement & satisfaction is often the differentiator for choosing one business over another.

ZOE chat, with its new outbound messaging capability, can act as your company’s trusted and always available service agent, which can boost your company’s profile as a customer-focused organization. ZOE can be customized to compliment your organization’s look, feel and personality with a singular aim to increase customer engagement, loyalty and lifetime value of customers.

The ability to initiate conversations at scale and the ability to respond to them individually could be the differentiator between you and your competitors in 2019. Click here and fill up a small form to say hello; one of our customer reps will get back to you with a demo and a consultation!

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