October 24, 2007

Advantage RIA! - the Richness of Flex and AJAX

In a competitive market, a greater consumer satisfaction can tip the revenue balance towards you; and this is where Rich Internet Applications are so useful. The software industry is still exploring the full potential of RIA technologies with the primary focus on enhancing the usability of web applications.

How is RIA different from traditional Web Applications?

In traditional web applications, there is a limit to the interactivity that can be added to a single page. Once the on-page options are exhausted, the user has to refresh the page and a new page is downloaded. This often leads to delays, during which users may get tired of waiting or potential customers may change their minds about buying a product. With RIA technologies, the client computer and the server can communicate without page refreshes. In this way, web applications can support more complex and diverse user interactivity within a single screen. Requested information appears on the same screen upon which information request was registered. This allows real time user interaction.

Richness of RIA

Besides increased user interactivity, RIA technologies have also redefined the use of graphics, sound and animations in revitalizing the user interface. RIA technologies offer more options for designing a visual interface. Graphic formats designed using RIA technologies use network bandwidth sparingly. With RIA, designers can use more graphics and sound throughout the website. Rich Internet Applications are an entirely new experience for the end user.

Flex and AJAX are the latest buzz in the realm of Rich Internet Applications. At Web Spiders, Flex and AJAX are being used to create more sophisticated user interfaces in web applications. Web Spiders has been a pioneer in providing solutions using RIA technologies like Flex and AJAX. You can visit Web Spiders for more information in this respect.

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