May 07, 2010

A Step-by-Step Guide to Write Your Own Android App

The market for Android devices is gaining popularity. There are over 9,000 Android applications present in the market. Android phones are very much in demand. Google recently announced its plans to distribute Nexus Android devices to developers with 3.5+ stars and 5,000+ downloads on their software application, proving that it is worthwhile to be an Android developer. Java is the core programming language used for writing Android apps. If you have a technical mind coupled with innovativeness, then you could contribute to the Android community.

Some simple to follow steps to write Google Android apps are given below:

  • Download Eclipse: To start with, download Eclipse IDE, which is the most powerful and simple Android development tool. Unzip the file after download and store in Program files.
  • Download Java JDK: Java JDK needs to be downloaded, which can be done quickly.
  • Download Android SDK Tools: Next step is to download Android SDK Tools from Googleà Unpack and install it in a directory.
  • Configure Eclipse: You can configure Eclipse, by going to StartàHelp buttonàHelpàInstall new softwareà type in “Android” for the Name option à Set the link to–> click on “OK” à Hit on “Next” button and àDownload Android ADT.
  • Configure Android SDK: Go to the downloaded folder of Android SDKà Start the file “SDK setup.exe.”à Click on “Install”à Download SDK manager.
  • Configure Android Virtual Device (AVD): The next step is to click on “virtual devices” on SDK managerà, Click on “New”à Create a new Android deviceà Choose your specificationsà. Click on “create AVD”à Go to “Start” tab to get the working imitation of an Android phone.
  • Configure Eclipse again: Once again Eclipse needs to be configured. Go to “Windows>Preferences>Android tab>Apply>OK to run the program.
  • Create a project: Navigate to ‘File>New>other>Android>Android project togive your project a name along with other details and then click on “Finish” button.
  • Input your code: You need to go to the “src” folder-à click on “Activity”àAdd blocks of codeà start code.
  • Run Program: Click on “Play” buttonàRun Android application-àUnlock the device to get your first Android program.

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