May 05, 2010

A Rich Web Experience with RIA

Rich Internet Application (RIA) helps save your design time so that you can concentrate on work flow and business logic of your web applications. Being web-based and cross-platform in nature, RIAs can run on any platform or system. Here are some key factors that drive you to choose an RIA:

Rich Content Presentation: RIA can provide better data presentation support compared to a HTML application. Numbers and symbols can be replaced with easy-to-interpret visual elements and status indicators.

High Fidelity content presentation: You can get pixel-fit screen layouts with RIA. This implies that rich content can be displayed with perfect impression in a web-based application.

Simple presentation of complex data sets: You can explore large volumes of data in a short period of time in an efficient way. RIAs present complex offerings in a simple way.

Increase interactivity: RIA fosters interaction and communication between the user and the application. Some of the cool features are improved support for drag and drop, field validation, sorting of lists, tool tips and keyboard shortcuts.

Economic factor: The overall operation cost is quite low due to lower bandwidth expenses. The deployment and feature enhancement processes are seamless as RIA is web-based. The processing efficiency of RIAs at both the client and server level permits effective rendition of richer and more interactive content.

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