9 Overlooked Reasons Why Cloud Computing Plays Well With Enterprise Mobility

November 23, 2018

9 Overlooked Reasons Why Cloud Computing Plays Well With Enterprise Mobility

Cloud Computing and Enterprise Mobility

“Store your data in the cloud.”- we often get such pieces of advice when we’re about to store confidential data, safely.

Data security is a crucial subject for individuals as well as for businesses. Along with data security, a cloud-based system has a wide range of features which can improve the performance of businesses.

Here in this blog, we’ll focus on the influence of cloud computing on enterprise mobility.

The simplest definition of cloud computing is, it is a shared pool of interconnected computer resources. Similarly, enterprise mobility is a dedicated tech-ecosystem for wireless devices.

Let’s find out the benefits of cloud computing for enterprise mobility. Want to know more about some cool trends of cloud computing? Click here.

1: Rapid deployment

While companies may need anywhere between weeks or even months to deploy a new MDM (Mobile Device Management) system, cloud-based systems can be installed in a few hours. Benefits like a rapid deployment of policies and simple control access processes with click configurations and provisioning can make things easier for mobility managers.

2: Robust security

With cloud security, we mean a wide range of policies, techniques and controls installed for protection of data, applications and combined infrastructure. From the assessment of insider attack threat to data compromisation by third parties or even competitors, cloud security system takes care of every front.

3: Easy data accessibility

Even with a robust security feature, cloud computing allows team members to easily access data, whenever they need it. Cloud computing has democratized data transfer globally. Different layers of accessibility help keep the entire system secure and also allows for a flexible transfer of data.

4: Flexibility of budget

No need to make any upfront payment. A regular monthly payment is enough. If a company wants to reduce its strength of a particular office from 500 to 50 and distribute the workforce elsewhere, a cloud-based system easily accommodates the change. Thanks to the scalability of cloud computing.

5: Benefits of staying connected

The basic principle of cloud computing is based on connectivity of remote devices. The remote servers hosted on the net for storing, managing and processing data simplify data transfer and reduce waiting time to nanoseconds.

6: Diversity of devices

A cloud-based device management system never differentiates among Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. Overwhelming numbers of mobile devices bought regularly have fomented a storm in the mobile management landscape. In addition, the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) tide has further complicated the matter. Business leaders now carry their personal devices at events or conventions.

7: Single console

Multiple mobile devices mean multiple consoles to manage. It is possible to access a unified console view with the support of an on-premise MDM system. However, with every new device, one must role out the system, repeatedly. Cloud-based systems can manage any device that comes down the path, without the need of any role out.

8: Unlimited space

Availability of unlimited backup and storage space make cloud computing much more lucrative than an MDM system. Both backup and destination transfer services are available for a minimum price.

9: Immediate updates

No need to be dependent on IT staff for updating versions of MDM solutions to accommodate the latest versions of mobile device operating systems (and there are multiple types of mobile device operating systems). Cloud-based systems can immediately update to the latest versions.

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It is time to free your businesses from all sorts of restrictions. Fly free, fly high and fly safe!

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