7 Massive Cloud Migration Challenges Explained & Met

December 13, 2018

7 Massive Cloud Migration Challenges Explained & Met

Cloud Migration Challenges

Scalability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, robust data recovery system and many more; when we talk about the benefits of cloud migration, the list seems to grow bigger with each passing year.

However, similar to any massive organizational change, cloud migration can throw some challenges for you. Here they are:

Challenge1: Bandwidth bottleneck

Challenge1 explained: Excess payment for unused bandwidth or less bandwidth is the associated problems.

Solution: Network architecture specialists in Web Spiders Group calculate ROI and allocate required bandwidth to clients for the best cost-benefit impact.

Challenge2: Migration downtime

Challenge2 explained: Ignoring migration downtime is the first big mistake. To believe that the entire migration downtime can be eliminated is the second one.

Solution: We choose non-business hours to migrate on-premise applications to the cloud and ensure minimum disruption to daily business activities.

Our aim is to minimize content freeze-time so that businesses can use data migrated to the cloud environment, as soon as possible.

Challenge3: Invalidated dependencies

Challenge3 explained: Cloud migration should take into account database, application and networking dependencies. Invalidated dependencies and connection configurations can interrupt business processes.

Solution: We in Web Spiders Group map complete dependencies. Our database admins and networking architects analyze the entire IT infrastructure.

Analysis report finds out how databases and applications connect, how they interact, their exact locations etc. In the case of legacy system migration, we take extra care.

Challenge4: Security issues

Challenge4 explained: During cloud migration, maintenance of data ownership, control and visibility are top 3 security concerns.

Solution: Cybersecurity experts in Web Spiders Group establish VPN (Virtual Private Networks) for secure data transfer.

We ensure that clients receive identical data ownership access, control and visibility in the cloud environment which they used to enjoy in their on-premise software and hardware applications.

Challenge5: Application incompatibility

Challenge5 explained: Prior to cloud migration, one must ensure operating system compatibility, software availability and licensing activation.

Solution: A test environment is set to verify operating system compatibility. Only those applications are migrated which successfully pass the challenges put by the test environment.

We also ensure software availability and licensing contracts before the final migration.

Challenge6: Poor replication

Challenge6 explained: Poorly managed data replication processes can leave your employees without important information.
In addition, a weak data recovery system can further aggravate the issue.

Solution: We analyze the requirements of data protection, study the ways and frequencies of data replication and align both the recovery time (RTO) and point objectives (RPO) of applications according to their business priorities.

Our networking analysts prepare a cost-benefit report and choose appropriate data transfer levels.

Challenge7: Incompatible application architecture

Challenge7 explained: Incompatible application architecture can stop you to receive complete benefits of cloud agility.

Solution: We review each application architecture individually so that on-premise applications are properly optimized for the cloud environment.

To justify cloud migration expenses, you must make the most of it. We are here to realize your aspirations. Drop your contact information on our website and mention your preferred time to have a conversation on cloud migration challenges. We will also send you a free demo.

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