5 Ways an Interview Bot Makes a Recruiter’s Life Easier

October 20, 2017

5 Ways an Interview Bot Makes a Recruiter's Life Easier


The constant pressure of hitting targets makes a recruiter’s life stressful. Just the sheer number of resumes they need to screen to shortlist the first round of candidates is overwhelming! Add to that, the many trifling details they need to remember to get the initial rounds of interviews done and we already realise what a lengthy and tiresome process it is.

Using an interview bot takes the fuss out of recruitment and helps recruiters focus on shortlisting the final bunch and closing offers. Here are 5 ways interview bots can help streamline the process of interview

  • Conducts interviews: An interview bot is equipped with a question bank that enables it to ask relevant questions to each candidate. The bank can be updated to let the bot ask cross domain questions as well as conduct logical reasoning and psychometric tests, two essential aspects of a modern day interview.
  • Answers queries and screens qualifications: An interview bot can brief the candidates and answer their queries about the concerned job profile and its requirements as well as the employee benefits the company offers. Additionally, the interview bot can screen and validate the candidate’s qualifications.
  • Records perspective and body language: Leading interview bots like Gecko use video intelligence to scan a candidate’s facial expressions and body language. A video interview bot also asks the interviewee for their feedback in order to record their perspective.
  • Conducts sentiment analysis: After the interview, the interview bot analyzes the feedback collected and the key words and phrases used by a candidate to do a sentiment analysis. It combines the analytics with the overall score to provide a comprehensive report to the human recruiter.
  • Allows sharing of report: After going through the report, the recruiter can mail it through the bot itself to his peers. This way, the recruiter can consult his fellow recruiters before taking the final call.

With interview bots, large scale interviews like campus interview and walk-in would be a breeze, allowing recruiters to focus on matters that require their expertise.

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