5 Things You Should Know About Social Media Marketing In 2015!

August 12, 2015

5 Things You Should Know About Social Media Marketing In 2015!

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Yup, 2015.

Why are we blogging about social media in 2015 when the year is already half over? It’s because we still see brands stuck in the 2010s when it comes to social media marketing, and the results aren’t pretty. Deserted Facebook Pages, Tweet streams with promotion and nothing else, and Instagram presence? What Instagram presence? So, here are 5 ways in which social media marketing has changed in 2015. There’s no turning back.

Your customer is on more channels – Facebook isn’t the only game anymore. Oh, it’s still huge and you definitely need to have a presence, but it’s not enough. Niche networks are picking up new users every day. Women love Pinterest, graduates are flocking to LinkedIn, and teens and millennials can’t have enough of Instagram. Identify your audience, and reach them where they hang out.

Don’t just talk, engage! – Social media fans are now savvy enough to expect contests and other engagement campaigns from their favourite brands. It doesn’t have to be big, complicated, or super-expensive, but it does have to be regular.

Content is king (yes, again!) – Content marketing, when done right, pays big dividends. Infographics, blogs, articles and more help brands stand out in a sea of simple social media posts. For brand managers and marketers wondering how to get started with content marketing, check out our past webinar videos for useful tips and ideas, as well as case studies.

Maintain an authentic voice – According to a recent study on what makes people pick one brand over others, an overwhelming 91% said honest, authentic communication was key. News spreads fast on social media, and customers appreciate it when a brand maintains an authentic tone and voice when communicating via social media.

H2H connect – H2H or human to human messaging is more important than ever in 2015. Listen to who is saying what about your brand on social media, spot the most prominent industry influencers and your loudest advocates, and use their voice to promote your brand.

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