5 Reasons why your brand needs an infographic

April 17, 2015

5 Reasons why your brand needs an infographic


Pi Infographic

Chunks of text just don’t work anymore. Yet, there’s so much you have to say! So how do you keep readers engaged without cutting down on relevant data?

Change the packaging. Make it good to look at and break down the complex information to simple data people can get at one go. And you get to do all this in an infographic.

We have created cool infographics for leading B2C and G2C organisations like Heinz, as well as the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), Singapore… and we want to create a few for you too. A look at the 5 reasons below, and you will know why your brand needs an infographic.

Engaging & Interesting:

All information and no entertainment makes for boring reading. Also…


Ability to go viral and affect buying decisions:

It’s simple – visual = viral. When was the last time you saw a piece of viral content that was all text?


The numbers above reveal a trend: if your infographic has the right mix of numbers, words and visuals, it might not only go viral but can also get you more converts.

Leverages brand awareness and traffic:



Imagine what happens when an infographic with your branding gets seen by people! It means more brand goodwill, more brand awareness, and who knows, maybe even more organic traffic as people seek you out!

Are cost-effective:

In digital, getting people to listen to you often needs you to pump ad dollars, which can be pretty expensive. Infographics can help you engage more people than traditional advertising and at a far less cost.


The Market Mandate:

Infographics are hot in digital marketing. A look at the numbers will tell you how hot!


Smartness is what works in digital circles. Play it smart by including infographics in your marketing strategy and see how the buzz about your brand grows louder.

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