5 People Who Will Love (and 5 Who Will Hate) the WhatsApp Blue Ticks

November 07, 2014

5 People Who Will Love (and 5 Who Will Hate) the WhatsApp Blue Ticks

Everyone’s favourite SMS alternative just got a small (but actually huge), new upgrade in usability. Those two little grey ticks at the bottom of each message signifying delivery? Now, they will both turn blue when the message is opened. It’s a much-requested feature, but will it make everyone uniformly happy? Let’s take a look at 5 people who will love the blue tick, and 5 who will hate it.

Love it

1. Parents – No more wondering if the kids got the message to be back by 8. Of course they did.

2. Your boss – Planning to ignore the message during the weekend? Oops, now you know your boss knows you know.

3. Your gym buddy – He’s up at 5 and finished three hundred jumping jacks already. And he knows you are sleeping through your scheduled workout. Expect him to show up at your door in 3…2…1…

4. Your old friend from school – Now that the ticks are blue, there’s no way you can’t dodge his requests of “Let’s hang out after work, it will be just like old times!” with excuses of “I saw the message just when I got home. I’m so sorry.”

5. Your obsessive compulsive side – “Have they seen my messages? Should I call to make sure they got it? Are they deliberately ignoring me or am I just being paranoid?” All questions answered in one fell swoop.

Hate it

1. That one guy who keeps forwarding those “jokes” – Now he knows no one reads them anymore.

2. Birthday boys and girls – Either you painstakingly open each identical “Happy Birthday” message, or be prepared for cold shoulders and colder glances from the ones you “ignored”!

3. Colleague who keeps forgetting to return your copy of “The Alchemist” – Because you KNOW he saw the reminder well before he began his morning commute.

4. Lovelorn hearts – “She saw my message, so why doesn’t she respond? The suspense is killing me!”

5. Your technology-challenged relatives – Because they just can’t figure out how you know. Clearly, witchcraft is involved.

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