5 Must-have Content Assets for #DigitalSuccess

September 10, 2015

5 Must-have Content Assets for #DigitalSuccess

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We have already talked about why content marketing is a must-have, but what are the must-haves in content marketing? To build a refined content marketing strategy, let’s take a look at the 5 content assets that are essential for all brands (With a special bonus at the end!) :

Newsletters for Custom Content – Converting newsletters are a) responsive, b) focused and c) customised. Create multiple newsletters targeting varied database segments. Highlight your website and social links. Work on the headline and serve it fresh to see great ROI.

Blogs for Brand Storytelling – Marketers, who blog, are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI. An effective blog should be responsive, with shareable, informative updates. What differentiates a good blog and a great blog is the value they provide.

Infographics for Big Data – With infographics, brevity is the soul of wit! The goal is to present a LOT of information, without overwhelming the reader. There’s a reason why infographics are hot – it’s big data, in small chunks.

Case Studies & White papers for Thought Leadership – These are great in building trust and sharing insights. However, that doesn’t mean the content should be smug or boring! Showcase a problem, lay out the process, outline the results and conclude with analysis.

Testimonials for Authenticity – A brand’s loyal customers are usually also the most vocal. Brands that showcase the goodwill automatically become more trustworthy! A dedicated “Testimonials” section in the website, updated frequently, can do wonders.

Special Bonus Tip: Videos for Omnichannel Promotion– YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, Millennials adore Vine and Instagram, and Facebook and Twitter are prioritising native videos. For true Omnichannel Marketing, videos are critical.

Want to know more about must-have content assets and the content road map for 2020? Head over to our webinar slideshow and get ready to rock your content marketing strategy!

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