March 18, 2010

5 iPhone Apps for Web Developers

Web Developers who need to assist clients while on-the-go can use five of the following iPhone apps. Code Cheat Sheets, Color Stream, FTP on the Go, Ego, and Read & Note are the top five most useful apps for Web developers.

Code Cheat Sheets offers several choices for CSS, mySQL, JavaScript, RegEx, jQuery and HTML. Color Stream is an app that helps you narrow down the correct color, or palette of colors, for a project.  FTP on the Go allows you to securely log in to a server. Ego gives an at-a-glance look at data from Ember, Feedburner, Google Analytics, Mint, Squarespace, Twitter and Vimeo. Read & Note allows you to make notes on, or copy and paste text from web pages. These apps are charged for, according to usage.

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