5 Brilliant Ways to Market Your New Chatbot

June 22, 2018

5 Brilliant Ways to Market Your New Chatbot

Chatbot Marketing

A chatbot can do wonderful things – reduce human effort, maximise resources, and ultimately, improve your bottom line. But none of that happens if your customers don’t even know about your new chatbot. To ensure you make the best of your chatbot, you first need to make sure the news gets out.

You are probably used to marketing your own products, but not a chatbot. Guess what, promoting a new service isn’t really all that different. Here are 5 ways in which you can promote your new chatbot.

1. Use social media platforms for promotion

The iconic Bill Gates stated, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” Similarly in today’s world if you don’t have your business on social media platforms, then also you are falling behind your competitors.

Social media is an effective platform to market product and services. You can do the same with your chatbot. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the ideal places to market your new chatbot. Post links which will redirect audience to your bot.

2. Sync bots with messaging platforms

If your chatbot cant help your customers to converse, there is no point in having them. As messaging platforms have grown in popularity, try integrating them into your chatbot.

Slack and Facebook Messenger are 2 of the most popular messaging platforms you will nowadays come across. While Slack works brilliantly for back-end chatting in a company, Facebook Messenger is mostly used for lead capturing. Sync your newly launched chatbot with these platforms to get the desired result.

3. Get a Facebook Plug-in

Facebook is no more just a social media platform for informal socializing. Marketing of brands/products/services is a common practice which takes place on the platform.

Facebook has already introduced a couple of plugins in the like of “Message Us” and “Send to Messenger”. Get these plugins to redirect visitors from your Facebook page to your bot website. It will also help you to get additional information about the visitors.

4. Add a share button

Your audience can play an equally important part in marketing your newly launched chatbot. Let them share your bot to their friends and peers. To initiate the word of mouth just add a share button on your bot website and Facebook page.

Place the button in such place where visitors who come to your site or FB page can see it easily. Remember, a single click from your visitor can allow hundreds of other web surfers to reach your bot.

5. Use Facebook Paid Ad Campaigns

A situation might come where you see your newly launched chatbot can’t penetrate in the competitive market. No matter what avenues you choose to market your chatbot, you don’t get satisfactory results. Don’t lose hope. You can always come up with a new plan to make things work for you.

How about spending some cash on Facebook paid ad campaigns? You already know that you don’t have many options left at hand. Start by purchasing a Facebook paid ad campaign pack. By doing this you can make your chatbot reach out to more people which organic campaigns can’t.

So did you find the above mentioned tips beneficial? If you did then it’s time for you to avail services from a cutting-edge lead engagement and conversion bot. Try out Zoe. It easily integrates with website, Apps, and Facebook Messenger.  Book a demo now to know how it can help you.

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