5 Benefits of Using Firebase for App Development

March 05, 2019

5 Benefits of Using Firebase for App Development

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Firebase is a powerful web and mobile application platform to solve the key challenges of app development. Startups or well-established brands can use Firebase to build sophisticated mobile apps quickly, and grow their businesses.

Take a look at the following 5 benefits of using Firebase for app development:

1) Increases the speed of app development: Google Firebase database is a NoSQL database with the latest API connectors and wrappers for query processing. Traditionally, developers build REST APIs for tasks like connecting thin clients with remote servers. Firebase SDK can do the same task without the need to build a separate REST API. As developers don’t need to build REST APIs, Firebase SDK helps them reduce app development time.

2) Enhances database performance: Until a couple of years ago, it was not possible to get insights into the performance of Firebase realtime database. Not any more! App developers can monitor Firebase database and check the bandwidth usage and speed of query processing, and the results are amazing.

Firebase database is blazingly fast. Data updates take place in realtime. Realtime data updates are quicker than HTTP requests which are made to update data across interfaces.

3) Fixes bugs and addresses performance issues: Google Firebase can monitor errors, send email alerts, help in data collection to fix errors, generate crash and bug reports, and configure reports remotely to control the access of reports. Firebase helps generate detailed bug and crash reports with the help of crashlytics or SDKs for crash reporting.

Crashlytics are in-built in Firebase. Crash reports mainly focus on the impact of coding errors on user experiences. Generated crash reports are comprised of errors grouped under different sub-categories. Sub-categorization is done on the basis of problems. Crash reports with sub-categories of coding errors help developers detect errors quickly and resolve them.

4) Synchronizes data with realtime database: One can sync data offline or online across web and mobile devices and store it on NoSQL Firebase realtime database. There is no need for batch updates which means a program doesn’t have to read all the instructions say after every 15 minutes, with or without data update. Every time changes are made to the database, developers get new sets of data. Realtime data synchronization helps reduce the time of app development.

5) Reduces the cost of app development: Firebase has many free and paid products. Paid products list includes Hosting, Realtime Database, Firebase Storage, and Test Lab. Except for the Test Lab, Firebase offers free trials of other paid products. App development companies can use free trials of Firebase products during R&D phases, and learn and evaluate the products with enough time in hand.

Products like Crash Reports, Analytics Reports, Notifications, Authentications, Remote Config, App Indexing, Firebase Invites, and Dynamic Links come for free with all paid plans.

Updates to Firebase app development platform offer a conducive environment for the development of futuristic apps. Stay tuned in for our next blog post where we will share information about how can Firebase help build feature-rich futuristic mobile apps. For more information, write to us or comment below.

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