4 Reasons Why Email Follow Up Bots Are a Crucial Part of your Marketing Arsenal

September 02, 2019

4 Reasons Why Email Follow Up Bots Are a Crucial Part of your Marketing Arsenal

An old South-Asian adage goes, same same but different. Email and chatbots enjoy abundant similarities while exhibiting subtle but undeniable differences. In many ways, where the role of a chatbot ends, that of an email bot begins.

One of the original electronic modes of communication, emails are very much still in vogue. Individuals and organisations the world over still prefer to document communication that they have had via calls, in person or via messaging. This is especially true of sensitive or vital information pertaining to careers, jobs or business deals that involve monetary investment.

Emails tend to be formal

Compared to the tone and language of a chatbot, emails are more formal, solemn or sombre. This is because they usually carry serious information concerning the parties involved. Facts, figures or content within professional emails often lay the groundwork or foundation for life-changing career, business or personal decisions.

Emails help to pre-qualify leads for sales channels

Email bots are formidable weapons in the arsenal of revenue channels that are trying to sieve out the potential leads from the cluster of inquiries. After chatbots forward the initial coordinates of interested parties to the email database, the latter is instrumental in filtering the genuine leads from the passers-by. This is done by tapping the visitors with the business proposition and tabulating the responses for sales conversion.

Email bots are not newsletter campaigns

Email bots differ from newsletter campaigns in some ways. The former offers a degree of personalization that newsletter campaigns cannot match.

Email bots can customize the greeting within emails to suit the time of the day – good morning, good afternoon or good evening. They can also indulge in small talk, engaging the audience through such trivial or casual conversations as the weather, the stock market, current affairs or even the present political climate.

Further personalization

Email bots allow you to control the frequency of the dispatches. You can time your delivery mechanism to sync with a product launch, business activity, an industry accolade or recognition. You can also dictate how many times the email will be delivered. Stoppage of the complete campaign is entirely at your discretion.

Last but not least, email bots are designed to gauge human responses. A favourable or warm response to a business proposal will elicit a thoughtful follow-up that takes the discussion forward. An indifferent or “not interested” reply will terminate the individual conversation thread right then and there.

By leveraging the time-tested dependability & effectiveness of email campaigns, companies are successfully able to position their brand & offerings to their target group. Additionally, modern enterprise software organizations provide state-of-the-art bot innovation which further facilitates the free flow of information between businesses & their end consumers.

If you are looking to leverage your enterprise or business operations with our world-class email follow-up bot services, get in touch with us today.

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