3 Types of Social Media Posts You Aren’t Using Enough in Your Marketing

August 07, 2020

3 Types of Social Media Posts You Aren’t Using Enough in Your Marketing

A social media feed that is just a stream of same-y photos and links is boring. Unfortunately, the to-do pile keeps growing, and 15 minutes is about as much time as you can give to planning your social media content. So how do you create thumb-stoppers that stand out in 15 minutes?

You change the format. Most social media platforms have features that go severely underused, or at least, not used enough. So the team got together and asked ourselves, what kind of social media content can be whipped up in 15 minutes, that we just don’t see enough of? Here are three of them.


1) 360 Degree Photos – Exclusive to Facebook, 360 Photos can be stunning, and since people have to swipe to see the full picture, they are almost guaranteed thumb-stoppers.

Since 2017, users have been able to not just see, but also capture and post 360 Photos, so we really don’t know why there aren’t more of them on our feeds! There are many creative ways to incorporate them into your social media. Experiment!

Great for – Hiking Clubs, Nature Parks, Real Estate Companies, Resorts.


2) 3D Photos – Ok, so they are not really 3D, but you have to admit, the effect is pretty neat. Oh, and you don’t need a fancy camera setup to do it – just your average iPhone or Android with a Facebook app will do.

Yes, 3D Photos still have some limitations. You can’t promote them, or add them to a gallery, or edit them. However, the point is to create something that makes your audience go “whoa”, and this works pretty well.

Great for – Crafts, Food Blogs, Personal Brands, Pet Groomers.


3) Live Videos – “Hold up” I hear you say. “I see live videos ALL the time on my feed.” Yes, but usually, from the same handful of people. Most professional pages seem to consider live videos to be reserved for special occasions.

Yet, the best live videos are the truly spontaneous ones, with someone just speaking to a camera for a minute or five. Live videos are a powerful tool because they have amazing organic reach, not to mention an “it” factor that keeps people engaged. The next time you want to make a status update, just pick up the phone and do a 3-minute live stream instead!

Great for – Stockbrokers, Lawyers, Investment Agents, Consultants.

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