3 Industries That Enterprise Software Companies Are Redefining Using AI Bots

November 29, 2019

3 Industries That Enterprise Software Companies Are Redefining Using AI Bots

Chatbots have permeated every facet of any business or professional undertaking. They present a win-win situation, one that benefits both the customers as well as the brands.

They vastly improve client service operations. They are also instrumental in streamlining other crucial business activities such as support, sales and marketing. Some of the most prestigious B-Schools in the world are now actively pursuing an academic understanding of industry bot applications by way of case studies.

For their part, Enterprise Software Companies continue to deliver cutting-edge innovation that takes this disruptive technology to new heights.

The Event Management Industry

Efficiently planning a corporate event is a daunting responsibility.

A proficient chatbot platform can smoothly automate event-scheduling and lead capturing round-the-clock so that you can devote your time to tasks that demand a human touch.

Be it a company conference, a trade fair or show, a seminar or a workshop, efficient chatbots can help event managers execute any complex group engagement activity with panache.

The Insurance Industry

One of the key challenges in the insurance sector is to guide or hand-hold prospects while choosing the customized plan that best suits their unique requirements.

This invariably leads to an intense exchange of queries, possible solutions or plan-options.

While large conglomerates possess the resources needed to employ manpower to handle that magnitude of traffic, SMEs face significant difficulties when trying to scale their business.

With the ability to successfully handle thousands of individual close-ended queries simultaneously, chatbots are God-sent for insurance companies with limited resources.

This is not to say that global giants are oblivious to the formidable attributes of chatbot technology. GEICO, the US-based insurance powerhouse uses its chatbot called Kate. Singapore Life, another global player in the insurance domain, employs a chatbot which it calls SingLife.

One of the largest private insurance firms of India, HDFC Life, has also incorporated chatbot technology into its operations.

One of the biggest insurance companies in the US, Allstate, has named its chatbot ABIE which stands for Allstate Business Insurance Expert.

Other players in this gamut such as SafeCo and Liberty Mutual are pushing the boundaries of chatbot applications. In addition to text, they are also installing voice-bots on their platforms.

The Car Repair And Maintenance Industry

One of the major challenges facing the auto-repair industry is clutter. The competition that quality auto-part dealers face from smaller contractors is often inferior.

This adversely affects the end-consumer who suffers from substandard or shoddy work.

Chatbot technology offers premier auto-repair dealers the opportunity to stand above the rest in terms of their brand proposition. The efficacy of good auto-repair companies depends upon their turn-around time.

By automating their daily operations such as online damage assessment or making payments, these outlets greatly reduce the time it takes for a vehicle to be fully repaired.

By continually upping their innovation game, companies that provide chatbot services create substantial value for the organizations they cater to. To know how our state-of-the-art AI Bots services can accelerate your business growth, get in touch with us today.

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