February 24, 2010

3 Cloud Computing Errors Enterprises Should Avoid

Corporates have gotten quite good at cloud computing; they are getting some swift projects done and quick failures turn up too in many cases. There are a few blunders that are commonly repeated in companies and if one learns from these mistakes then cloud computing can be used to one’s advantage. Here are the top 3 mistakes that should be avoided at all costs –

1. Dismissing security and governance till the project comes to an end – Both security and governance should be considered integral to the project architecture. Companies that consider these to be merely a part of the readying phase may be in trouble.

2. Leveraging big consulting firms – Some firms may have very appealing multimedia presentations, polished displays, and smart people on the cloud computing front. But this does not necessarily mean that they possess sound knowledge and experience of cloud computing. So look for those firms that understand the true value of cloud computing.

3. Getting besotted with technology rather than the solution – It has been observed that Enterprise IT focuses more on the technology to be used rather than the solution. A pointer to this is the instance when a particular project bears name of the cloud provider or technology and the existing business requirements of the project remain a mystery chong qi you yong chi!

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