11  Chatbots You Must Try on Facebook Messenger

November 28, 2016

11 Chatbots You Must Try on Facebook Messenger

Last time we spoke to you about chatbots, why they are important and how important it is to have them on facebook messenger. Today we will talk about 11 best known bots available in FB Messenger that you should try out.


1. Fify

Fify bot

Fify bot



Fify is positioned as an intelligent bot that excels in fashion discovery and transactions, much like our very own ZOE. Fify’s intelligence allows it to develop a memory and personality that helps her behave very akin to humans. Fify is programmed to remember the tastes and preferences of the consumers she interacts with. This lets her behave differently with different customers. Fify first talks only about Fynd Fashion. Following this, she discusses fashion trends, alerts consumers about new arrivals, and even gossips about the latest fad of movie stars et al.

2. Ebay

ebay chatbo


eBay launched its shopping assistant chatbot, Shopbot that gathers information from questions it asks and users’ Facebook profiles. The bot  then uses these details to help customers find relevant items. With this new inclusion eBay believes it has explored a new avenue through which the businesses can access, utilize, and distribute content throughout the consumers.

3. Burger King

Burger King Chatbot


With Burger King’s new bot available on facebook, availing fast food just became faster. The bot allows you to order food as per your choice along with pick-up and delivery options. When ordering the food the bot can provide the customers with an estimate of the time to deliver along with the total order price. One amazing feature to add to the bot would be a calorie count per item, but nevertheless, this is an extremely good option for a food delivery bot.

4.   1-800-Flowers



The purpose of having this bot on facebook messenger was to allow for frictionless purchases instantly. It was one of the first brands to adapt to a chatbot and the basics of this bot is very simple. Once initiated, this bot allows the user to talk to a support personnel or to order flowers. The bot is intelligent enough to parse address correctly for delivery and shows different options of flower arrangement for the user to choose from quickly. The simplicity of this bot  helps in bringing forward the smooth execution to the forefront.

5. HealthTap

HealthTap bot


As the new kid on the block since 2010, the motto of HealthTap was to ensure health information became more and more accessible to the  common man. As part of their services an user was enabled to place their queries, share photos, get test results assessed, and get personalized referrals from real doctors. Moreover the bot also analyzes user questions and points them towards similar questions posed by other users and their answers by different physicians. The users also has the option to receive instant answers to their questions in case they do not want to wait for answers by subscribing to premium consulting services at $25.

6. Surveybot

Quite different from other bots we have discussed so far, the Surverybot as the name goes, send the user surveys to complete after they have undertaken or completed a task. These tasks can be anything from registration to download to purchase or goods or services. The best feature about this bot is that it takes away the always archived generic emails or blocked pop-ups and has instead replaced it with a personal medium thereby gaining more responses and validation.

7. Uber



As much as Uber has made our lives easier by enabling on-demand transportation at our fingertips, Their presence on facebook messenger has made their usage even easier. Now it is possible for an user to set up a date or a meeting from their messenger and book a cab right from the same platform. It completely eradicates the process of leaving one platform and having to open multiple apps. At one glance it looks like the time saved is a few minutes, but on a larger scale it cuts down on the distraction change of mind and more often than you know it, laziness.

8. Hyatt

hyatt bot


Among all other sectors, do not forget to count hospitality. As part of their e-commerce venture, The hotel chain came out as one of the very first brands to adopt a chatbot for online services to the customers. Through meaningful conversations with customers in a private environment like FB messenger Hyatt can book rooms, answer personal queries and give cost estimations. Their presence on a leading social media platform has enabled them to reach out to guests and help them the best that they can.

9. Disney



Being able to reach out to our favorite cartoon characters has always been a child’s dream from as long as i can remember. For a while comic-con and Disneyland and Disneyworlds ha veentered our lives and has given some of the privileged few that chance but nevertheless it still seems like a long shot. To bring the feeling of a personal touch Disney has taken to chatbots and given Miss Piggy and Doc brown from “Back to the Future” day for fans to interact with. It is hopeful that with time more and more favoritete disney characters will have their own bots for the young enthusiasts to communicate with.

10. CNN



Since the media has gone digital, news channels have taken their online presence and reach very seriously. CNN in that regard is often referred to as the digital poster child to have taken up bots to share the news with readers over social media. Similar services have also been taken up by Wall Street journal and TechCrunch.

11. Gymbot




This is an example of a bot that is a tad bit different from the other bots on the list, but nevertheless effective. Gymbot only accepts specific commands and lets you enter your workouts, such as how far you ran or biked in a day. It tracks your fitness effectively and can be more motivational if it is through a conversation rather than simply putting in numbers on an app. Hopefully, in time the bot can build up on more conversation and encouragement to increase its range of capacities.

While the presence of chatbots on facebook messenger has seen a steep upward growth, chatbots in general have been around for quite longer specially, when it comes to providing support for businesses in terms of customer service. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence along with technology, changes in digital landscapes becomes inevitable.

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